Welcome to sRNAtoolbox web manual

sRNAtoolbox aims to provide small RNA researchers with several useful tools including sRNA expression profiling from deep sequencing experiments and several downstream analysis tools. The centrepiece of sRNAtoolbox is sRNAbench (the successor program of miRanalyzer), which allows for expression profiling from deep sequencing experiments. All other tools can be launched from sRNAbench results or independently using appropriate file formats.

Currently the toolbox comprises the following methods:

For a detailed and complete description of the result files, check the Full Manual.

If you use sRNAtoolbox, please cite our most recent publication.


To use sRNAtoolbox webserver visit https://arn.ugr.es/srnatoolbox/

If you are interested in using sRNAbench/sRNAtoolbox as a command line tool, please check our Github repository.